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Sizzling Summer Nights at the Autry

Every year, The Autry Center has Sizzling Summer Nights.  They bring in Salsa bands and the crowd dances up a storm.  Last night talented band Son Mayor played some incredible music

Hope you enjoy some pictures from last night.


danielleklebanowphotography004 danielleklebanowphotography005 danielleklebanowphotography007 danielleklebanowphotography008 danielleklebanowphotography009 danielleklebanowphotography010 danielleklebanowphotography011 danielleklebanowphotography012 danielleklebanowphotography013 danielleklebanowphotography014 danielleklebanowphotography015 danielleklebanowphotography016 danielleklebanowphotography017 danielleklebanowphotography018 danielleklebanowphotography019 danielleklebanowphotography020 danielleklebanowphotography021 danielleklebanowphotography022 danielleklebanowphotography023 danielleklebanowphotography024 danielleklebanowphotography026 danielleklebanowphotography028 danielleklebanowphotography029 danielleklebanowphotography030 danielleklebanowphotography031 danielleklebanowphotography032 danielleklebanowphotography033 danielleklebanowphotography034 danielleklebanowphotography035 danielleklebanowphotography036 danielleklebanowphotography040 danielleklebanowphotography041 danielleklebanowphotography043 danielleklebanowphotography044 danielleklebanowphotography050 danielleklebanowphotography054 danielleklebanowphotography055 danielleklebanowphotography056 danielleklebanowphotography057

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