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Ryan and Michelle’s Engagement Shoot

I was thrilled when my boarding school friend T-Ry Brennan from Berkshire School asked me to photograph his wedding.

He met his bride Michelle at middle school back in Westchester, NY.  Michelle was actually T-Ry’s first kiss!  They both now live in LA and will be getting married next week at his home in New York.  I am so happy to be a part of his special day.

Here are some photos from his engagement shoot in Hollywood.

danielleklebanowphotography007 danielleklebanowphotography023 danielleklebanowphotography025 danielleklebanowphotography053 danielleklebanowphotography067 danielleklebanowphotography122 danielleklebanowphotography132 danielleklebanowphotography153 danielleklebanowphotography158 danielleklebanowphotography168 danielleklebanowphotography173 danielleklebanowphotography178 danielleklebanowphotography183 danielleklebanowphotography201 danielleklebanowphotography227 danielleklebanowphotography238 danielleklebanowphotography254 danielleklebanowphotography255 danielleklebanowphotography276 danielleklebanowphotography304 danielleklebanowphotography309 danielleklebanowphotography331 danielleklebanowphotography334 danielleklebanowphotography338 danielleklebanowphotography354 danielleklebanowphotography359 danielleklebanowphotography376 danielleklebanowphotography381 danielleklebanowphotography403 danielleklebanowphotography412 danielleklebanowphotography435 danielleklebanowphotography438 danielleklebanowphotography463 danielleklebanowphotography464 danielleklebanowphotography472 danielleklebanowphotography479

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