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Piper’s 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Piper’s 1st birthday at my parent’s house in NY.  It was a small event, just the family and a few friends.  The highlight of the evening was the winetasting.  Kenny brought out the wines we bottled 7 years ago at Conn Creek in Napa Valley.  We each blended our wines, bottled them and named them. Finally after 7 years, it was revealed to us.  I believe my Butterfly Pasture won the best overall taste, which was a blend of cabernet francs.  Very smooth.

Hope you enjoy the pictures

danielleklebanowphotography001 danielleklebanowphotography002 danielleklebanowphotography003 danielleklebanowphotography005 danielleklebanowphotography006 danielleklebanowphotography007 danielleklebanowphotography008 danielleklebanowphotography009danielleklebanowphotography010danielleklebanowphotography011 danielleklebanowphotography012 danielleklebanowphotography013 danielleklebanowphotography020 danielleklebanowphotography023 danielleklebanowphotography024 danielleklebanowphotography029 danielleklebanowphotography032 danielleklebanowphotography033 danielleklebanowphotography035 danielleklebanowphotography036 danielleklebanowphotography037 danielleklebanowphotography038 danielleklebanowphotography040 danielleklebanowphotography041 danielleklebanowphotography042 danielleklebanowphotography043 danielleklebanowphotography044 danielleklebanowphotography045 danielleklebanowphotography046 danielleklebanowphotography048 danielleklebanowphotography049 danielleklebanowphotography051 danielleklebanowphotography052 danielleklebanowphotography053 danielleklebanowphotography054 danielleklebanowphotography055 danielleklebanowphotography056 danielleklebanowphotography057 danielleklebanowphotography059 danielleklebanowphotography060 danielleklebanowphotography061 danielleklebanowphotography065 danielleklebanowphotography066

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